Career Biography


Relevant Experience

  • Extensive Board Level management background in the food industry within the UK, Europe & North America in both executive & non-executive roles.
  • Created large profitable business units through innovative growth and acquisition, assuming profit and loss responsibility for businesses varying in size from £10m - £100m leading to £450m turnover groups.
  • Developed and maintained strong relationships with major retail and food service customers satisfying their demand for innovative  branded & own label food products.
  • Sixteen years Interim Management experience taking long term contract CEO & COO roles, leading food enterprises in challenging situations.


Career Biography

Long Term Management Contracts                          1998-

Business Advisor Big Oz (In Administration),

(May2017-November 2019)

Management of the sale a Free From Cereal processing enterprise out of administration using industry contacts to effect a list of bids negotiating with successful aquirer to a satisfactory conclusion. 


Strategic Business Consultant, Laverstoke Park Farm (Aug 2015-September2017)

Initiating & managing a downsizing process of a multi-enterprise, vertically integrated agriculture & chilled & ambient food business, supplying Waitrose, Ocado, Pret, Fullers, Eat, Graze. Resulting in £2.5m negative annual cashflow being reduced to zero.

AMC Foods  Trading as Kent Crisps                                                                                           Jul 2013 - present   

Manufacturing Consultant & NED

SME marketing hand cooked potato crisps together with  production & marketing of quality cold pressed rapeseed oil.

  • Designed state of the art production facility for processing potato crisps
  • Implemented production planning for rapeseed oil
  • Prepared bid for crowdfunding.

Riverford Organic Farms                                                                               2007 - 2012

Managing Director

Riverford is £48m turnover vertically integrated organic food home delivery enterprise operating five sites across the UK, together with a farm & packing facility in France.

  • Restructured  management team to improve financial & KPI performance enhancing profitability from break even to £1.2m.
  • Widened product range by acquiring an organic fresh meat business
  • Developed & implemented a management succession plan.

Organic Farm Foods                                                                                        2004 - 2006

Chief Executive

Largest supplier of organic produce to multiple retailers particularly Sainsbury & Tesco

  • Arrested the sharp decline in profitability by consolidating production from three to one site. Resulting in £500k PBT from £2m loss.
  • Implemented Private Equity refinancing
  • Restored the confidence of Sainsbury & Tesco through enhanced quality & service levels.

Simply Bread                                                                                                      2001 - 2006

Managing Director

Speciality bread supplier to multiple retailers & food service notably Waitrose, Tesco & Pret a Manger.

  • Doubled sales over five years
  • Gained £1m contract to supply Pret a Manger
  • Developed & implemented a unique supply chain for Tesco neighbourhood stores worth £5m

Soil Association Certification                                                                      2000 - 2005

Executive Chairman

Largest certifier for Organic Products, a subsidiary of the soil Association Charity.

  • Focussed management team to operate as a business rather than a charity
  • Transformed profitability to become the largest contributor to the charity

Eastbrook Farm Organic Pigs                                                                    1998 - 2002

Non Executive Director

Organic meat sector SME

  • Achieved listings in Sainsbury & Waitrose

Marlyn Foods                                                                                 1995-1998

Managing Director

Private Equity backed Management £15m buy-in of a Home Delivery Frozen Food Distributor.

  • Widened product range, through innovative NPD
  • Extended distribution scope to cove UK & Ireland
  • Negotiated trade sale to Eismann, a German company operating in same sector

Morrison Lamothe Inc                                                             1989-1995

Non Executive Director

Canadian food manufacturer producing fruit pies for McDonalds and meat products for Marks & Spencer and Loblaws.

Board Member advising on customer relationships with M & S and McDonalds

Northern Foods Plc                                                                         1981 - 1995
Chief Executive, Bread Division.                                                     1990 -
- 1995

Responsible for creating a new business group within Northern Foods. Built business through innovative growth and acquisitions and to achieve £130m turnover group employing 2500 people.

Supplying Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Burger King, Brakes

·     Identified with the Chairman speciality breads as a new business sector.

·     Developed strategy for entering market through acquisition.

·     Initiated and negotiated acquisition of Falconis Ltd, a £30m speciality bread business.

·     Repositioned brands to develop niche markets for continental and added value bread.

·     Used relationships with key customers to realise own label and branded sales.

  • Acquired Kara Foods, Oakland Foods and a minority stake in Fletchers Bakery.

·     Improved profitability by innovative growth, cost rationalisation and upgrading of assets.

·     Northern Foods Group Executive Committee member.

  • Non-Executive Director Morrison La Mothe Inc. Canada


Vice President, Northern Foods (NA) Inc                              1989 - 1990

Responsible for reviewing business opportunities for Northern Foods in North America and Europe, coupled with profit and loss accountability for Northern Fine Foods in Canada.

Supplying McDonalds, Loblaws, Lufthansa

·     Established a joint venture with Campbells Inc. to manufacture and market branded short life chilled prepared foods in USA and Germany.

·     Advised on food supply base opportunities for Marks & Spencer.

  • Disposed of Northern Fine Foods.


Deputy Managing Director, Convenience Food Group     1987 - 1989

Profit and loss accountability for eleven operating companies manufacturing and marketing a wide range of short life own label food products. Group turnover was £450m employing 6000 people.

Supplying Marks& Spencer, Sainsbury, Tesco

·     Maintained and enhanced relationships with key customers at senior level.

·     Encouraged business unit development through product and process innovation.

·     Coached senior management to improve performance.

Director, Meat Group                                                               1985 - 1987

 Accountable for the profitability of four operating companies manufacturing and marketing own label chilled food  products. Combined turnover was £100m employing 2000 people.

Supplying Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury

·     Created two new product ranges, Pizzas and Fresh Potato pies, and planned the subsequent investment for production capacity.

·     Devised and implemented the consolidation of distribution.

·     Implemented the acquisition of L.O. Jeffs Ltd, a fresh produce company

General Manager, Riverside Bakery                                  1982 -- 1985

 Accountable for the start-up and business development of a new chilled prepared foods company. Supplying Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury.

·     Created a business environment highly regarded by the Northern Foods Board and became one of the most profitable within the Group, turnover £35m with 500 employed.

·     Recruited a multi-disciplined management team.

·     Commissioned new production facility.

·     Innovated some of the first prepared meals for Marks & Spencer.

·     Attained profitability within eighteen months of start-up.


Qualifications and Education


BSc. Honours (2:1) Degree in Food Science at Southbank University, London


GCE Science A Levels at Haberdashers Aske Hatcham Boys School

Personality Profile By Success Dynamics


Report for Mr John Slatter 22/03/2013





John is a driving and forceful individual and someone committed to results. Directive and possibly demanding, he has good social skills and works well through people. If the result he is seeking demands it then he will persuade and lead but he prefers to command.

John is also accurate, possesses integrity and works within parameters and rules. A seeker of high quality results within the constraints of time, the people and the data available. Such people need to know very clearly, what are the goals and the methodology of attaining them.

He is quick and alert, has a high energy level and so needs pace and variety. He hates routine, especially that of a low level and will avoid it where possible. John is likely to relish juggling several projects simultaneously, which he tends to do with precision and has a need to achieve profitable results through people, very quickly.

Possibly a creative individual that assesses all the data and information pertinent to a problem while not assuming prior precedents and thus often arrives at novel solutions. Where risk is involved, it will have been estimated to some degree of probability balanced against the possible gains. The creativity that John has tends to be most effective in the rapid solution of analytical problems.



John is motivated by challenge and the very rapid achievement of profitable results through other people. However, not just any results but the best one that can be achieved taking into account the facts and data available. Here is a person who strives to win but not at the cost of integrity or of people.



John is potentially a commanding and assertive director of people possessed of empathy and capable of diplomacy. He seeks to achieve high quality results with speed and efficiency. Here is a person who can be demanding of and rewarding to subordinates.



Possibly aggressive and inclined to intellectual arrogance, John is unlikely to suffer fools gladly and may appear patronising. Usually an expert in at least one field he becomes exceedingly bored with routine, he can be unforgiving of those who do not match his standards. He could be authoritarian where rules are concerned and has attention to detail without  losing sight of the objective.





John learns very rapidly and in detail but usually with some specific end or goal in view. He is probably equally comfortable learning directly on a one-to-one basis or from the written word and may have expertise in several disciplines. People such as John make excellent students and often continue the learning process into old age.



John's questioning style will be direct, forthright and designed to find out what he stands to gain equally this could mean the company or his team. A secondary consideration will be how the image of himself or the team will be affected by projected decisions and actions. His desire for the "right" answer and maintaining integrity will leaven any tendency toward manipulation.



A good organiser and planner, John tends to be very practical with a broad grasp of detail. His planning and organising will be analytical and objective although other people's feelings are taken into account but may not be considered. He can make difficult decisions about people and organisations dispassionately.



This is a directive and a consultative leader who tends to tell based on the rules or precedent, personal presence, persuasion and expertise. Demanding, empathetic and an exceedingly rapid thinker, conscious of detail and accuracy, his strengths lie in problem solving.



John probably makes decisions easily and rapidly based upon the image of himself, the team and the facts and data available. However, he may not be prepared to implement a decision until all relevant facts and data have been checked.




John is of a type that may take managerial responsibility and wield it with well-considered discipline and intellectual rigour. A tough but just and impartial task master, he is capable of commanding both the respect and admiration of subordinates.


John will respond well to a technical environment provided that it will allow him the achievement of definable and practical goals. Such people are frequently acknowledged experts in one or more disciplines and are always prepared to learn new things.



John has the potential to respond positively to sales environments. His energy, knowledge and creativity are of great use here, especially where complex ideas are called for or in technical fields. People such as John are often entrepreneurial engineers, scientists or other professionals.








John will relate well toward other people and will work with them as well as through them when necessary to achieve a goal. Since he is prepared to stand or fall by the results of his own actions and decisions, he is likely to expect others to do likewise. He could be intolerant and impatient, which may demotivate subordinates. John's ability to focus on "the big picture" is a decided advantage but he also is able to deal with detail and, if necessary, minutiae.



John is likely to respond well to authority and has a preference to work within a framework parameter or rule base. He may find subtle methods to change the rules if a particular goal is at stake and use his powers of persuasion to effect the change.



John is one of nature's winners and so dislikes losing or being wrong. He may go to some lengths t prove his decision was the right one at the time. He is unlikely to fight for a cause he considers already lost and is quite capable of simply of dropping it and walking away.



John's sense of time has great immediacy therefore for him now really does mean now. He has an innate need to achieve results quickly while maintaining standards.


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Report on Mr John Slatter 22/03/2013




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