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Comments from clients


"Thank you for your wise words"
Guy Watson, Chairman, Riverford

" The company [Riverford] which started as a one-man [Guy Watson] operation in 1993, appointed [in 2007] a managing director , Jack Slatter, and a new finance director, Steve Tarr, and together with Rob Haward [Operations Director] knocked it into shape" The Sunday Times 11th September 2011

"I have been very impressed with what you have done in the last year to get the company into much better shape for the future. I believe also that Colin Banton and Adam Wakeley were very good hires by you for the future of OFF."
Peter Kindersley, principal equity holder, Organic Farm Foods

"On a personal note I hope that you know how much I have appreciated your support during my “journey” from when we first met until today when I have instructed my solicitor to proceed with the heads of terms for the MBO.  I could not have got this far without you Jack and your hands on support on putting the business plan together and all of your experience you have brought to Quex Foods."  

 Angie Curwen, Managing Director, Quex Foods

'Happy Xmas hope you are relaxing and having some fun and thanks for helping me get the company into shape, Jody'

Jody Scheckter, owner of Laverstoke (& 1979 Formula 1 World Champion)


'Hi how are you doing hope healthy just fished end of the year not putting money in and money in the bank again thanks for your help keep well Jody'

Jody Scheckter, owner of Laverstoke (& 1979 Formula 1 World Champion)

I always thought that the two Mikes (Taylor & Wilcoxon), Bill (Blackburn), Kathy (Chapman), John Randall, you and Harry (Reece) created the M & S revolution in food. And l think of you all every week when I shop there. Best wishes Chris.

Lord Christopher Haskins , Past Chairman Northern Foods Plc






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